Diversity and Emojis

Trying to be political correct all the time can be taxing. I know I have said the wrong thing on occasion when my words had been twisted. In terms of the emoji conversation about  whether they should have a skin colour and Apple’s attempts at diversifying the emoji selection – I agree that’s it unnecessary. The good old colon and bracket are good enough to convey that I’m happy 🙂

But in saying that, I did rather enjoy creating my own emoji on Bitmoji! I’ll certainly be using that in the future 😉


Sharing Too Much Information

So learning about digital security is never fun, but it’s essential. I  learnt how to find my IMEI which made me feel like I was in an exclusive club typing in ‘*#6#’ into my phone!

In terms of what my Apps are sharing, I’m pretty good at limiting that, but I suppose that’s why I’ve got a faint digital footprint. And using my phone as a wallet is not something that makes me feel comfortable.

A Rather Faint Footprint

My digital footprint often worries me the most about the internet – what if I say something stupid and it’s on the web forever, never to be deleted? And this reluctance in digital fluency was pretty much reflected when I Googled my name. There’s a Pedagoo teaching account I’ve never used and a Pinterest account I can’t even remember the password to. Beyond that, people I’m related to appear on my search, which is rather depressing to think my dad has a more compelling digital footprint than me!

It appears I have a lot to do: I guess I’ll have to make time to post on Pedagoo and update my Pinterest. A Twitter account may also be a plan, but I think that Thing is yet to come…

The start of a digital journey…

This is my first post for 23 Things on any blog, and it’s a little bit daunting! But once I’m through with 23 Things, I’m (hopefully) going to be a whizz at all things (at least, some things) digital.

And, here’s the small print, all posts will be in line with the guidelines as stated by the University of Edinburgh.